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Tankfest 2014

MainerZ goes to Tankfest 2014!

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June 28/29th, a weekend of glorious steel and powerful guns, and I'm not just talking about myself! I rolled the family down to the UK's only tank showcase in Bovington, to see some of the the worlds rarest surviving and functional WWII tanks. There are of course tanks from all generations of war, from the Little Willie to the Chieftan and beyond.

I was most excited -like most people- to see the legendary Tiger 1 (H). Most especially because the example that the museum has is the only working one in the world! Everyone that knows even a smidge about WWII knows the name of this legendary killing machine, so being able to get up close to something so awe-worthy is a real treat!

I did not stay for the entire weekend, but one day is still enough to get around the museum, take some pictures, spend a fortune on merchandise, and watch the live shows! Wandering about, I managed to walk into a couple of YouTube celebrities. People who play World of Tanks will know these two, The Chieftain and Quickybaby!

As an additional treat, I recorded a terrible video on an awful camera and hashed it together for you below, enjoy!


Brought a tear to my eye (real pirates only have one) when the centurion's plowed by. Yes im old, so fuck you all lol. Army had a few left that was kinda retired. So i stole a little rampagant drive around the terrain in one b4 they went to the chop shop.

Mainerz, you are my hero.  Shame they didnt monster truck them through and over stuff in that show. Only reason tanks / panzers (Germans have all the cool words) was invented, to drive over shit and impress women. Hell yea ! ^^

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