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Introducing the new PG Store!

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We have a new store!

We have a new store full of pirate swag for our members and many, many fans!!

The store already has a large variety of clothing and other items that you can choose from. The shirts can be personalized to allow you to add your own names on the back and there are a wide variety of colours available for most designs!

The store is also managed by a third party that takes over the processing of orders and dispatching deliveries. This should mean that you receive your order within a few days of placing it rather than having to wait for the next batch to be ordered and dispatched!

To find the new store simply click the store button in the header or click here


hoody, t-shirt and a thermal mug on it's way to norway :D :D 

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It was you! Legend haha... !

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After I get this Stag Do and Wedding out of the way... I may need to sort my wardrobe out.... ;)

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scared of the first photo of someone wearing the thong... I just know it wont be one of the ladies!

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It's doing to be Dan.... or Trojan.....  :)

Quilty!!! :)

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Feb 26 2014 23:14

Pirate Gaming Thong.. yeah, a guy made this store.

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