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Taking names...

Feb 15 2016 05:05 | Danneh in News

ATTENTION: all those loyal Pirate's whom have followed me into battle.. Its that time again! We're taking names for those who are interested in some raiding again, no hardcore commitments, no serious hours of PVE to get the correct gear, but a group o...

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YYAAARRRR!! The Guild Wars 2 team is st...

Sep 20 2014 10:17 | Danneh in News

Pirate Gamings GW2 team tear up the enemy time and time again! Here is a short video from a few hours gaming with them! Update - New video added!

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PG goes Archeage

Sep 05 2014 08:11 | Danneh in News

Pirate Gaming goes Archeage is currently in open Beta, and its FREE to play - Well, you can buy a founders pack or go free. You will need to download the 'Glyph' client which kind of acts like a Steam and then you can download the Beta.Head over to ht...

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TF2 Community Game Night - September 7th!

Aug 27 2014 07:03 | Danneh in News

More Sunday night antics, this time we've taken advantage of the famous free-to-play team fortress 2. When: Sunday 7th September @ 7pm GMT Where: TeamSpeak Community Game Night Channel (pirategaming.co.uk. TeamSpeak is required, but don't worry, we d...

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Member Vid: PG Wrecking Havoc in Wasteland!

Aug 12 2014 00:18 | Robbeh in News

Some of our guys recently had a impromptu PG date night tearing shit up in A3 Wasteland!

Check out this vid of the chaos from our very own Skafsgaard!

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PG's hardcore division 'YAAR' rekin...

Aug 08 2014 15:44 | Danneh in News

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Guild Wars 2; Edge of the Mists reset

Jul 26 2014 09:02 | Danneh in News

After a few hours PPT we took a stroll through EOTM... I was testing shadow play for this video, didn't pick up teamspeak voices, only mine and the music bot... Will test this for next videos! Enjoy!

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PG & FL Team up vs BB!

Jul 13 2014 13:38 | Danneh in News

PG & FL team up in Guildwars 2 for some 30v30 GvG style fights! They lasted two rounds before rage quitting!! :D

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Pirate Gaming lead Piken Square to their death...

Jul 12 2014 06:57 | Danneh in News

OK OK that title sounds a bit morbid... but we did all die.............. haha! Great fun was had, really enjoyable!

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Tankfest 2014

Jul 07 2014 23:35 | MainerZ in News

MainerZ goes to Tankfest 2014! June 28/29th, a weekend of glorious steel and powerful guns, and I'm not just talking about myself! I rolled the family down to the UK's only tank showcase in Bovington, to see some of the the worlds rarest surviving and...

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Arma 3: Battle Royale

Jun 20 2014 08:50 | Danneh in News

Battle Royale is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody last man standing game-mode, with one chance to win. Based on the book/movie ‘Battle Royale’, this mod provides a unique gameplay experience. The rules are simple. There can be...

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Guns of Icarus

May 29 2014 20:08 | Danneh in News

Pirate Gaming does Guns of Icarus! This is the most epic game for a Pirate Community... Guns of Icarus Online is a team-based multiplayer online airship combat game. Captain or serve as crew aboard an airship with your friends and fly into battle again...

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Elder Scrolls Online

Apr 22 2014 07:49 | Danneh in News

Pirate Gaming goes ESO! Pirate Gaming have opened up a Guild on ESO! Awesome eh!? If you would like to join PG in ESO get in touch with Mawsome (IGN: @Lüks) for an invite! For more info see this thread: http://pirategaming....crolls-online/

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Guild Wars 2 Team

Apr 18 2014 09:47 | Danneh in News

Some highlights from a recent raid!

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Happy April the 1st!

Apr 01 2014 08:00 | Danneh in News

This happened in Guild Wars 2 today... Full Pirate Screenie later today!

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Mar 31 2014 22:21 | Danneh in News

I think this Guild Wars 2 video pretty much sums up Pirate Gaming pretty well.... YARRR!!

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Community Game Night: Just Cause 2

Feb 28 2014 22:06 | MainerZ in News

Just a reminder of the chaos that will be happening this coming Sunday night!

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer!

Posted Image

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Introducing the new PG Store!

Feb 18 2014 21:18 | Robbeh in News

Posted Image

We have a new store!

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PG T-Shirts

Jan 31 2014 09:22 | Danneh in News

The long wait is finally here for our first batch of T-Shirts. Thank you to all that ordered, your sexy Pirate Gaming T-Shirt is on route today via our trusted Royal Mail. Here's my handsome self posing in mine... Get your PG T-Shirt from our shop he...

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Jan 19 2014 01:30 | Danneh in News

YYAARRRRRRRRRR! Too good not to share with everyone! Pirate Gaming around the world....

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Guild Wars 2 fun with Pirate Gaming!

Jan 13 2014 12:02 | Danneh in News

So when we are not kicking butt in World vs World, we often like to come up with fun, whacky and crazy events for everyone! Recently Emphasition held a few fun mini-games... It was carnage!

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Merry Christmas!

Dec 21 2013 11:23 | Danneh in News

Merry Christmas... And a happy new year! 2013 has been massive for Pirate Gaming and we want to thank everyone who's been involved in anyway!! Pirate Gaming was formed in 2012 with the release of the popular DayZ. We grew from a small group of real...

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DayZ Standalone! Early Access

Dec 16 2013 20:56 | Danneh in News

Dayz Early Access! Need I say more? Steam page: http://store.steampo...com/app/221100/

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Community Game Night!

Dec 05 2013 19:20 | MainerZ in News

Are you ready for this...? It's Natural Selection 2! A seamless blend of strategy, FPS and ALIENS!Join us on Sunday 15th 19:00 GMT!But wait, you don't have this game? Then we have the solution for you; it's part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle!Keep an ey...

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Pool's closed...but the Shop is OPEN!

Dec 01 2013 21:08 | MainerZ in News

Thats right, get your #yoloswag Pirate Merch today! Get your own handle printed on of these most excellently designed tees and represent the PG massive! Visit the Shop tab at the top of the site to view these glorious goods! Or if you're a lazy sod l...

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