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Linking TeamSpeak

Mar 21 2013 17:49 | Foamz in Guides

Welcome to Pirate Gaming! In order to access our Members Only TeamSpeak channels you'll need to link your TeamSpeak ID to your forum profile.
  • Connect to our TeamSpeak server (pirategaming.co.uk) at least once. The linking process won't work if you haven't previously connected.
  • Find your TeamSpeak ID. This is a 28-character string that can be found in the Identities dialog of the TeamSpeak program.
    • In TeamSpeak, click on the Settings menu, then on Identities

      Posted Image
    • In the next window, copy the value of the Unique ID box. If you've set up more than 1 identity you'll need to copy the ID of the one you use on our server.

      Posted Image
  • Back on the Pirate Gaming website, click on your name at the top right of the screen, then on the My Settings link

    Posted Image
  • On the next page, click on the TeamSpeak tab near the top, enter the unique ID you copied earlier in the box, then click Save Changes

    Posted Image
  • Your TeamSpeak permissions will be updated immediately. If, instead, you get an error then please make a post in the Support forum making sure you include the error message and your TeamSpeak Unique ID.
Once you've linked your forum account with your TeamSpeak ID it'll automatically stay in sync with your membership status - if you get promoted from probationary to full membership your TeamSpeak group will automatically change to reflect this.

If your TeamSpeak ID changes for whatever reason (such as getting a new PC or reinstalling TeamSpeak) you'll need to update your account with your new ID - just follow the steps above again.

Please note that you can only have one TeamSpeak ID linked to your account at any one time. If you want to use TeamSpeak accross multiple devices you'll need to copy your identity to them - see this FAQ topic for more information.

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Minecraft: Protecting Your Stuff

Oct 30 2013 16:45 | Foamz in Guides

Our public Minecraft server has a couple of mechanisms to let you protect your gear and creations from griefers, thieves and evil geniuses.

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Minecraft: Connecting to the Server

Oct 27 2013 14:45 | Foamz in Guides

The Basics:
  • Address: pirategaming.co.uk (no port, no IP address - let the Internet magic take over and sort that out for you)
  • Modpack: Tekkit v1.1.10 (Minecraft 1.5.2) Note: this is Tekkit Main (sometimes known as Tekkit New), not Tekkit Classic or Tekkit Lite!
  • Difficulty: Hard (remember to eat - starving will kill you)

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Minecraft: Rules & Restrictions

Oct 27 2013 16:32 | Foamz in Guides

As we run a public server we've had to put some rules and restrictions down to ensure everyone plays nice and nobody's epic factory complex crashes the server!

The Rules
  • No griefing. At all. Ever.
  • No hacking, cheating, non-tekkit client mods, exploits, whatever. At all. Ever.
  • Thou shalt be nice in chat. Swearing is encouraged (we are pirates), abuse is not. Keep it light-hearted!
The Restrictions
Guide: Pirate Gaming members only Completely Restricted Other
  • Mystcraft - non-members may use books but not create them or any other Mystcraft block. Reason: Lag mainly. Creating new worlds is an intensive process, and keeping many worlds loaded and in memory can really tax a server.
  • Steve's Carts - Reason: Steve's carts completely ignores region build restrictions.
  • Computers - we will allow access to these if you ask nicely! Reason: bad code can cause excessive lag. For those using computers: keep polling to a minimum, try to use pullEvent etc. instead.
  • Turtles - Reason: Turtles ignore region build restrictions.
  • Mining Wells - can be used to destroy protected regions.
  • Block Breaker - can be used to destroy protected regions.
  • Chunk Loaders - only PG members may build chunk loaders as they require server resources. There are some restrictions: please try to keep your loaded chunks to a minimum, and any loaders will disable automatically 48 hours after your last login.
  • Quarries - PG members may build quarries in the quarry world only - access is via the PG lounge at spawn. Reason: quarries can be used to bypass region build restrictions, and a quarried out world looks ugly as hell! They also have built-in chunkloaders and can cause moderate lag if they hit any underground springs. Default size quarries only, and for the love of all things holy please make sure it's hooked up to something that can handle it before turning it on.
  • Pumps - no restriction on pumps except that we ask you to let us know if you build one that's going to be constantly pumping a large pool or ocean (think: lava pump in the nether). After a while these pumps will cause lag - we can fix it, we just need to know where you put it :P
  • Minium Stone - incredibly unbalanced and takes out a big chunk of the mid game.
  • Power Suits - nice in theory, but badly balanced and very overpowered. Will maybe look at enabling once they sort the power requirements out!
  • Cannons - can be used to destroy protected regions.
We use the mcbans.com ban list on our server. If you get banned by us we'll also upload your ban to the mcbans.com central database which will affect your ability to play on thousands of Minecraft servers worldwide. We're sensible with our bans (we've been running servers for a long time) and are capable of telling the difference between genuine mistakes and malicious intent; those horror stories of admin abuse just don't apply here!

If you find yourself globally banned and want to contest the ban you'll need to do so via the mcbans dispute service, located on their website. Please be aware that it may not have been us that banned you - the mcbans website will be able to give you all the details you need.

If you find yourself locally banned then you can contest the ban using the Ban Appeals section on our forums. Local bans do not affect your standing with other Minecraft servers and are usually given when we feel you shouldn't be welcome on our server but we don't think your behaviour is severe enough to warrant a full, global ban.

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How to: Live Stream for PG!

Aug 25 2013 20:22 | Robbeh in Guides

Posted ImagePosted Image

So you want to stream for PG do you? Well here's what you need to know...

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