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Five years of Pirate Gaming... just wanted to say thanks

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 05:48

It's 1 am here and I'm nursing a beer.... Yuengling.


It's not five years exactly (it was really more like the 19th).... but damn has it been a Forever and a half since June 2012, with my squeaky, just 15 years old voice coming through the headset. And that brings me to my next point. Everyone's gotten so old. I'm twenty years old now and finishing an associate's degree by the year's end hopefully... Dean was 22, and now he's a grown-ass man at 27... and Wraith... who knows how old he is now. He's probably pushing 60 at this point.


Everything's changed so crazily and yet this forum is still here. Well, maybe not forever. But I do hope it sticks around for a while longer for memories' sake.


And wew, what memories we had. From starting off on the Lithuania server as 'The Pirates Of Chernarus' when the DayZ mod first came out, to Guild Wars 2's release, to our time spent defending the Crown in Planetside 2, to shooting one another in the Red vs Blue event on the Island of Lingor, our frustrated efforts to kick things back up in 2015 and again in 2016... and countless other things I can't quite recall through the haze of sleeping pills and alcohol. But I digress.


I just wanted to say thanks. Even through all of friends of ours who have drifted away (when was the last time Danneh was here, haha!) I would like to think that PG was a not-too-insignificant part of my youth and a treasure trove of experiences for me, some of which I can't recall due to brain fog, others, a little more difficult to remember thanks to the sands of time.


And though we may not get a chance to play again together, I'd like to lift a bottle in remembrance of the times we did have. I'm not sure how many will read this, considering we've moved mostly to Discord, but if you do- thanks, and the best of wishes to you. Have a happy summer, and whatever else comes after that.



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Posted 27 September 2017 - 11:02

Aye, this forum has provided my best gaming experiences. I've hardly touched anything online since DayZ met it's end. Nothing else has prompted me to play from dusk till dawn.

I might get into playing Arma 3 if I have the time. I reckon, like A2 , there has now been sufficient time for various community content to take hold in a big way. So I'll keep an eye on discord and steam for anyone else.

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 18:29

Remember when we all laughed at Mainerz?

Man, that was good times.


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