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Community Guidelines

  • Content: Nothing illegal (including cracks, hacks, torrents, etc.), and no links to anything illegal. No sexually explicit content. If you're posting something that is NSFW then please mark it as such, either in the topic title if you're the topic starter, or by surrounding it in spoiler tags and clearly mentioning that it's NSFW content in your post.
  • Topics: If there's a clear topic to a thread please try and stay on it. We will be unimpressed if you deliberately derail a thread or ignore our requests to get back on topic.
  • Conduct: Be nice. Disagreements and debates happen, we get that, but they should stop before they get nasty. Do not bait other users.
  • Signatures: Images should be no bigger than 600x150 pixels, or larger than 80 kB. Alternatively, 3 lines of text. No more than 3 links per signature. Remember everyone has to load your signature every time they read one of your threads so keeping it small is just polite! Absolutely no NSFW content is allowed in signatures.
  • Images / Embedded Content: If you're posting extra large images please consider linking to the image rather than having it appear in your post. Images that break the board layout will be removed - generally try to keep things under 700px wide. Extra-tall images should be wrapped in spoiler tags to avoid endless scrolling.
  • Promotion / Advertising: You may not promote or advertise your product/YouTube channel/blog/whatever without an admin's permission unless you are an active member of the clan (your name appears in blue or pink on the forums). Members may promote their own non-commercial works with the exception of rival clans. You may not attempt to exploit our member base for your own financial gain.
  • Bumping: Bumping (posting in an otherwise inactive topic to bring it up to the top of the topic list) is allowed, providing the thread in question has been inactive (had no new replies) for between 48 hours and 3 days. You may only bump once per topic - if it's still not getting replies then just admit defeat
  • Necroposting: Replying to topics that have been inactive for more than 3 days is generally OK providing you have something valuable to add to the topic - an solution to an unsolved problem for example. Unhelpful posts will attract warning points. Please leave really old topics alone unless there is a really, really good reason to reopen them.
  • Double Posting: Replying to a topic where the last reply is also from you is annoying and will attract warning points. If you need to add new info to a thread for whatever reason consider updating the previous post instead.
Warning Points & Sanctions
If you break our community guidelines we'll often send you a friendly warning to let you know. If you get a warning, don't panic! They're just a way of letting you know what we object to - most of them expire quickly and there's no 'punishment' or whatever for getting one (with certain exceptions for super serious violations).

If you repeatedly ignore these community guidelines you may find yourself receiving a sanction - these are automatic and happen when you reach a set number of warning points (currently the first is at 5 points, but this is subject to change without notice). Sanctions include requiring all your posts to be approved by a moderator for a couple of days, or even having your posting rights temporarily removed. We use bans as a last resort when you're really not getting the hint.

Note that forum warnings and sanctions are separate from clan warnings - while these are delivered through the same system they are clearly marked as such and if you accumulate enough you will be removed from the clan (thresholds are 3/2 for full members/probationary members).

Dispute Resolution
If you feel you've received a warning for something that didn't warrant it then you have two options - you can either send a PM to the entire admin team (Danneh, Robbeh and Foamz - make sure you send it to all three) or you can make a post in the Ban Appeals forum. An admin will then take a look at your case and give a second opinion, which is final.

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